Course: “Wind Energy” August 2016

“Wind Energy” August 2016

This Wind Energy course will consist of a theoretical aspect made up of lectures, presentations, and exercises along with a practical aspect where participants will have the chance to visit a German manufacturer of a wind power plant and take part in a sight tour of a wind farm and climb a wind turbine....For more Information click here: Wind Energy Training Courses / Wind Energy Education.


Course Objectives

Knowledge – After the course, the participants will have an understanding of the following topics.

This one week course is dedicated to wind energy. What are the different technologies used in wind turbines, and what are their advantages and disadvantages? How much wind do we have? How can we connect our wind farm to the grid? Resource assessment and grid connection are two aspects of the project cycle which will be presented and discussed in more  detail, since they are the most important aspects of  a successful project.

You will receive a short introduction to the leading software tool for wind farm planning. A field trip to one of the most successful manufacturers of wind turbines worldwide will give   insight in producing and assembling the components, and will show the biggest onshore wind turbine with a performance of 7.5 MW. A visit of a wind farm with access to a wind turbine (AN Bonus 1.3, Siemens Company) complements the lessons - an outstanding experience not only interesting for wind energy experts.


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August 22nd.- 27th,

Kassel (Germany)

Application and Payment Finalization Deadlines:

1- For Non-EU participants who need a visa to enter Germany: 30.05.2016.

2- For EU participants or participants who have a visa to enter Germany: 30.06.2016

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