Course: "Biogas Plants" September 2016

"Biogas Plants" September. 2016

 This a valuable Biogas Plants course will consist of a theoretical aspect which includes lectures, presentations, and exercises mixed with a practical aspect where participants will have the chance to take part in a sight tour of a German biogas plant..... For more information click here: Bioenergy Training Courses / Bioenergy Education

Course Objectives

Knowledge – After the course, the participants will have an understanding of the following topics.

In this one week course "Biogas Plants" we will give attention to the fundamentals of biogas production and upgrading and the economic aspects with a focus on co-digestion. We will introduce the success of the German biogas market, show the future perspectives of biogas, and do exercises in a biogas plant designed to apply the newly gained knowledge. A visit of an internationally well-known manufacturer and operator  will give insight in operating different plants and their technology.

One and a half days of field trips complement the course program, with visits  to a medium sized waste water treatment plant and various plants for utilization of organic waste producing biogas. 

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Course Date: September 5th.- 9th, 2016

Location:  Kassel (Germany)

Application and Payment Finalization Deadlines:

1- For Non-EU participants who need a visa to enter Germany: 30.05.2016.

2- For EU participants or participants who have a visa to enter Germany: 30.06.2016.



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