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Berlin - An exciting place to study!

Our office is located in Berlin, a city of contrast and fusion where East meets West, history meets future, and arts meet underground. But Berlin is not only a great city to learn about cultures and arts, it is also a major center for politics, international relations, and high technology. Indeed, Berlin is home to some of the leading high technology companies in Germany and in the world.

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Due to its political, cultural, historical, and technological importance, thousands of students come to Berlin every year and enjoy its unique cultural vibrancy, sizzling creativity and raw charm. With the German Academy for Renewable Energy and Environmental Technologyorganizing various field trips, participants will be able to explore the German capital, enjoy Berlin’s museums, theaters, clubs and a range of other recreational offerings.
Our training courses take place in Berlin or in other German cities and are a great opportunity to combine your passion for renewable energies with some sightseeing




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